Wedding Planner and Organizer Bali


Every future bride and groom is unique and different. GEOVAL WEDDING has everything that you need to realize a dream wedding party. Here are some good reasons for when you need the service of a wedding organizer:

  1. A very precious time. Especially if the future bride and groom are busy with work activities, so it is hard to give enough time to prepare all the planning and equipment for the event.
  2. Time and energy efficiency. If you do not have data or experience using service/product, it’s really tiring if you have to find and compare that by yourself one by one. By utilizing all the information about wedding that is provided by a wedding organizer, you can save time and energy.
  3. Professional responsibilities. Approaching the wedding in the middle of excitement and bustle activities in preparing for self-appearance, it is almost not possible for you to check the readiness of wedding supplies such as decoration, catering, make-up artist, photographer, sound system, lighting, etc. You will be stressed if you do it by yourself. By using the services of a professional wedding organizer, the wedding organizer will be fully responsible for the smooth running of the event.

We will arrange and assist in executing your wedding dream, birthday party, wedding anniversary, etc. Our services include

  • Consultation of theme and wedding concept
  • Unlimited face to face meetings
  • Airport transfers for couple
  • Site inspection
  • Budgeting
  • Tea ceremony (if any)
  • RSVP
  • Recommending, assisting and booking a professional vendors
  • Wedding rundown
  • Rehearsal and technical meeting
  • Professional wedding crews will be stand by up to 10 hours

We also provide WEDDING ORGANIZER ON THE DAY to arrange and be a quality control in the smooth running of the wedding, included:

  • 1 time face to face meetings
  • Rehearsal & technical meeting
  • Coordination & communication with vendors
  • Wedding rundown
  • Tea ceremony (if any)
  • Wedding organizer crews will be stand by up to 8 hours

Please send us an inquiry and we will send the WEDDING PACKAGE.

  • Legal wedding ceremony

Documents that have to be provided :

Indonesian Citizen Couple :

    1. Photocopy of Citizen Identification Card
    2. Photocopy of birth certificate
    3. Photocopy of marriage certificate from religious leader
    4. Photocopy of witness’ (best man and maid of honor) Citizen Identification Card
    5. Certificate of never married from civil registration in accordance with Citizen Identification Card
    6. Photo of passport size, side by side 3 sheets

One of Foreign Citizen Couple :

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Certificate of Number Impediment from consulate and had been officially translated into Indonesian
  • Non legal wedding ceremony : There is no document that must be provided. Prospective couple only pledge marriage vow in the presence of celebrants and invitations.

Geoval Wedding also provides propose organizing package in venue that has collaborated with Geoval Wedding. But we also do not limit future bride and groom who want to choose their own venue.

Decoration is often become a crucial thing in a wedding. The idea is to make a party with a theme that reflects the character of future bride and groom. Geoval wedding has a decoration designer who will make attractive decoration design according to the theme.

Almost every wedding party has a wedding entertainment that is displayed. With the aim to entertain and enliven the atmosphere becomes more pleasant. This type of wedding entertainment is also various depending on the concept and theme of the event that you want. Geoval wedding offers various types of entertainment, starting from dancer, Harpist, DJ performance, orchestra, acoustic, and full band.

Another addition to complete a wedding dinner such as: Lighting, generator set, screen projector, tent, firework, pyrotechnic, etc. Geoval wedding also provides productions that usually needed in a wedding.

Besides wedding, Geoval also provides professional tours for those who want to vacation in Bali such as accommodation and transportation.

Please send us an inquiry and we will send the TOUR PACKAGE.